Review: Liese Bubble Hair Dye

Milk Tea BrownWhat is it?

Liese Bubble Hair Dye is a foaming hair dye by Kao, a Japanese brand. It is a very popular hair dye for home use all around Asian. It comes in are shades of blacks, browns, reds and oranges which are popular colours for Asian hair.

Where can it be purchase?

I bought mine from Mannings in Hong Kong. It can be bought from most beauty stores all around Asia.

I have seen it in some Asian beauty stores in the UK and I’ve been told that it is also available in Asian beauty stores in the USA. However it is pretty expensive at these store.

The other alternative is eBay.

Did the colour come out correctly?

I purchase the colour Milk Tea Brown. The colour came out a darkish medium brown which is exactly what I wanted. The outcome was not the same as the girl on the package because my natural hair colour is really dark. My friend left hers in for 20mins longer than recommended and it came out much lighter than mine. Hers looked like the girl on the package.

My Overall Thoughts

The application was amazing. It was like applying a non runny shampoo on my head. I found that it was very easy to apply and the foaming textured made it easy to massage evenly into all my hair.

I have used other foam hair dye before and they were not as foamy as Liese so it wasn’t that easy to massage into my hair.

One downfall is the smell. It did had a strong hair dye smell which was pretty horrible after a while.

Would I recommend it?

I definitely recommend this, especially for Asians with dark hair. The colour range is perfect for those Japanese looks. The range is pretty large and comes in browns, blacks, oranges and even pinks.

The product is really good value for money. I’ve always favoured box dyes because they’re quick, easy and affordable. Salons in the UK charge so much for hair colouring and most of the time it isn’t right because they’re not used to working with Asian hair. They don’t know how to achieve the Japanese medium browns. It also bothers me when they try to recommend a different colour or try to convince me that a red will look better when I specifically asked for a medium brown.

I would recommend using old towels or wear old clothes because the foam does stain fabrics pretty badly.