Review: Crest Whitening Stripes

Crest Whitening StripesThis review was written after my 14 day treatment. I used the Crest 3D Whitestrips Advanced Vivid 14 day package.

What is it?

Crest Whitening Stripes is a home treatment for yellow or brown teeth. The treatment will help your teeth to return back to its natural shade. There are a few different types.


The treatment is very simple. All you have to do is stick the the strips on your top and bottom teeth then leave it for 30mins. Do this everyday for roughly 2 – 3 weeks long (depending on the package).

Where can it be bought?

My boyfriend bought it for me from a US online store. There are several online stores that sell these and they ship world wide. I have never seen any in UK high street stores though.

Did it work?

The strips really did brighten my teeth and reduced the yellowness of my teeth. Don’t expect professional teeth whitening results though. It only whiten my teeth by a few shades.

Crest Whitening Stripes

My thoughts

It was really worth the £40 my boyfriend spent as it did whiten my teeth. Although the result was not as white as professional whitening, it was good enough for £40.

When I first applied the stipes on, I found it bothered me a little bit because of having something there for 30 whole minutes. However I got used to it after a few times and didn’t really notice it.

The stripes look like cellotape and feels like it too. The gel substances becomes more gel like after sticking it onto the teeth.

The gel is pretty sticky (feel a little like glue) so some will remain on my teeth after removing the stripes. I have to brush my teeth and rinses my mouth afterwards (although rising isn’t recommended for at least 1 hour but I did it anyways). That wasn’t really a problem though. I find that the stripes removed all the plat in the gaps as well. My teeth actually felt really clean afterwards.

There was only one issue with this product. The bottom stripes are really short. They are only meant to be for the front teeth (to give you that nice white smile). The bottom stripe did not cover all my front teeth. I suppose when you smile, only the top teeth really show. I read that the Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects package has longer stripes so it’s more suitable for those with wider mouths. I may try that next time.

Would I recommend it?

I would highly recommend this! It is really worth the money.

You have to make sure you do the treatment properly, leave it on for 30mins once a day and use all the stripes without missing a day. I have read bad reviews about this and those are due to people not doing it properly.

My boyfriend also tried the Advanced Vivid 14 day package and it worked for him as well.

  • My sisters used this, after they got their braces taken off to make their teeth whiten. We live in Canada so it was convenient for us to get, you can buy it at Walmart and things. I heard it makes your teeth really sensitive when you wear it, well, for my sisters.

    My sister’s teeth is pretty white, I think she had it more for 14 days because she wanted them really, really white, I guess the longer you have them on the whiter it gets? I’m not sure.

    Well I ought to buy those after I get my braces off! 🙂

  • They recommend to leave it on for 30mins, so I don’t think you should leave it on for longer.

    You can get the packages for 21 days which should produce whiter result.