Skin Types

There are five basic skin types where most people will fall into one of these. However our skin can change due to environment changes or changes within our body.

You need to know which skin type you are so you can buy the right products and apply the right treatments to your skin. Using products that are not for your skin type can be damaging and can make your skin worse.


People with normal skin types have a balance of everything. Not too oily or too dry. Although normal skins doesn’t really require any special or extra treatment it doesn’t mean that less care should be given to the skin. Those with normal skin still need to cleanse, tone and moisture their skin to keep it at its healthy state. A great benefit of having normal skin is that regular products will work just fine on it.


This type of skin if caused by the gland producing too much sebum. General features of oily skin is skinny surfaces all over, oily texture and frequently has large and clogging pores. Oily skin are the most prone to developing acne (i.e. spots and blemish), such is caused by sebums been trapped inside the skin. However oily skin does have one great benefit over other. The skin stays young for longer than other skin types as the skin natural oil is the best moisture. Good products for oily skin are those that help reduce oil, has oil control and reduce blemish without drying out the skin.


Dry skin is the opposite of oily skin where the glands are not producing enough sebum or no sebum at all. Features of dry skin is dull appearance, itchiness and dry surfaces. Dry skin requires products that hydrates and moistures the skin. Those with dry skin will also need to hydrate from inside the body as well as outside by drinking plenty of water. If little care is given to dry skin, it is likely to grow old and gain winkles very quickly.


Oily combination skins means oily in the t-zone area (i.e. forehead to nose, nose and chin) and dry on the cheeks. This is the most common skin type so most brand will sell large range of different product for this skin type. This is one of the most difficult skin type because you can’t use products that take away oil (as your cheeks will become too dry) or products that put oil into your skin (your t-zone area will become too oily). This skin type must use products for oily-combination skin or use different products on different parts of the skin. However products for normal skin can also work on combination skin.


Sensitive skin can be dry, normal or oily. It frequently reacts to change in environment and often require special treatments. Only products for sensitive skin can be applied for this skin type else it could damage the skin further. Natural and gentle products are great for sensitive skin. If treated right, sensitive skin can be healthy looking due to the use of gentle products. Sensitive skin must never touch alcohol products or products with harsh chemicals as it could greatly damage the skin surface.

  • Ann

    I totally didn’t know all of this – this is really useful, thanks. Now maybe I can get skin products right for once! 😛

  • I have VERY sensitive skin, its a combination of every bad skin type there is =[.