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Forte Kitchen, Winchester, Hampshire

May 25, 2017

A quirky cafe that serves delicious and well-presented dishes are one of my favourite type of cafes. Forte Kitchen in Winchester is exactly that. When I was visiting Winchester with my family, we needed to stop somewhere for lunch, so I opened up my Tripadvisor app and found this awesome looking cafe. I checked out the photos of the food, along with the reviews and overall rating. I was glad that we decided to visit Fort Kitchen as we had a wonderful time. You’ll see from the photos below that the food was very well-presented as well as tasted amazing. Winchester is pretty far from London, so this won’t be a place I’ll visit often, however, I won’t mind going back again whenever we pass the town.

Fort Kitchen is situated upstairs of another shop. They decorated the stairway up with wooden and metal utensils.

The place is pretty small, but very comfortable and comfy. It has a nice old but mordern touch.

I ordered a pot of English breakfast tea. It wasn’t really up for a cold drink that day.

Pretty pattern

We also ordered some bread with oils and sauces as a starter while we waited for our mains

I ordered the Pork & Chorizo Scotch egg with red pepper ketchup and Alresford watercress

Manni ordered the Spiced Chickpeas Falafels, picked red cabbage, feta, coriander dressing and pita chips

Harissa lamb skewers, mint yogurt, grilled courgette, Israeli couscous and smoked paprika pita

Oak smoked salmon, slow roast plum tomatoes, spinach, poached egg and sourdough toast

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