Discovering the local woodlands with my new puppy

May 30, 2017

At the end of February, we bought in a young puppy into our home, an Alaskan Klee Kai who we’ve named Kiba. For those that aren’t already following him on Instagram you can check him out @little_kiba_explores

One of the activity we love doing with him is going outside to new places and experience new things. Along the way we discovered two local woodlands that we never thought could exist within Greater London.

Croham Hurst

We were told about this particular woodlands by a colleague and he kindly gave us a tour of it with his 3 year old Pug.

The place is a decent size and relatively quiet. We can go all the way round at a strolling pace in about an hour to an hour and a half. It’s the perfect length for a decent dog walk, especially for my young puppy.

Kiba really loved it there and we’ve gone back many times since our first visit.

Kiba and Louis the Pug checking stuff out

Kiba checking out the people at the golf course

Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve

The pub owner at our local dog friendly pub told us about this place as he takes his Shiz Tsu there often.

This woodland covers a large area with lots of different routes and small individual fields for any dog to have a good run around. You can spend as little as 30mins to as long as several hours there. It’s the ideal place for any dog walker.

Kiba looking into the world beyond

Manni & Kiba

Kiba discovering and sniffing at new plant

Kiba posing on a tree stomp

Woodlands are our favourite place to go for long walks as they are generally quiet, peaceful and calm. Kiba can sniff around and explore the place while we can enjoy our walk in peace without being bothered by people asking questions about Kiba.

For all doggy parents out there, what are some of your favourite places to take your dog? How often do you go on adventures with your dog?

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