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Chinese New Year 2017, London

February 2, 2017

Chinese New Year was on Saturday 28th January this year. It’s traditional to have a family meal on new years eve. This year, my family and I headed out to Chinatown, London, at Golden Phoenix for our meal.

All the restaurants were really busy with a short queue outside. We waited for 20mins before we were shown to our seats. We ordered a few dishes from the special Chinese New Year menu and some from the regular menu.

The dishes on the special menu were all dishes that contains ingredients that mean joyful things like good luck, be happy, be rich, good health etc

髮菜豬橫脷 (Fat choi zyu lei) – We started the mean with a Chinese soup of pig’s tongue and fat choi. Fat choi is a “hair” like vegetable.

Fat choi sounds like fat choy, which means to get rich.

Zyu lei, or pig tongue, sounds like luck.

A piece of pig’s tongue

Steamed whole sea bass with spring onion and sweet pepper garnish

This ginger and scallion chicken is my favourite dish from Golden Phoenix

A piece of that delicious juicy chicken

Sea cucumber with mushroom dish

髮菜蠔豉 (Fat choi ho si) – This dish contains dried oyster, mushroom, lettuce and fat choi (the hair like black ingredient) is a common dish to eat for Chinese New Year.

Fat choi, which gets its name “hair vegetable” because of its long, black strands, sounds like fat choy, which means to get rich.

Ho si, or dried oyster, sounds like good things.

The restaurant owner arranged for their own private lion dance, and the dancers came just after we finished eating.

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  • Sounds like you guys had a great new year! My family also celebrated Lunar New Years, although we just stayed at home and my dad made us Korean rice cake soup (Lunar New Year tradition). It was interesting reading this and seeing the different traditions that span across different cultures.

    Also – you should definitely check out the Korean TV show (New Journey to the West) and let me know what you think! I’ve also read Red Queen before but I can’t remember if I’ve read Glass Sword or not?? So I’ll have to check that out! The premise of the book reminded me of Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I’ve finished that series and if you like fantasy, you should definitely check it out. That series so soo good!

  • I watched a video recently on the different ways people celebrate Lunar New Year across Asia. It’s so interesting how we all have something different and unique.

    Red Rising is on my list of to-reads, I’ve been told that it’s similar to Red Queen. I’ll let you know my thoughts on New Journey to the West!

  • Chinese New Year looks and seems awesome! 😀

  • It involves a lot of eating which I absolutely love ?

  • Looks so festive and the food looks yummy! I miss celebrating CNY with my family in Taiwan, it was definitely one of my favorite holidays of the year (of course the red envelopes help…hehe)!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  • The red envelopes are always a massive bonus of CNY! I haven’t celebrated CNY back in China for a very very long time. I might have to go back there in the future for CNY!