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Birthday evening at Pho & Bun and Tsujiri, Chinatown, London

February 9, 2017

My friend Amy hosted a birthday dinner at Pho & Bun in Chinatown last November. This was the second we’ve been to this restaurant. We stumbled upon it on a hunt for a late lunch after our haircut in September.

I ordered the raw beef pho with an additional mango and prawn salad to share. I really love both of these dishes and they’re currently my favourite from Pho & Bun. The beef broth from Pho & Bun is extremely flavoursome, one of the best pho I’ve had so far. I just wish that the portion size wasn’t a bit bigger.

Mango salad with prawns from Pho & Bun

Raw beef pho with a beef broth

When we were all finished with our meals, Amy’s birthday cake was bought out. We all love the birthday cakes from the Chinese bakeries in Chinatown, as the cake base is light, soft and fluffy and they’re always topped with cream and fresh fruit.

Amy blowing the candle on her birthday cake

A slice of birthday cake just wasn’t enough to fill our dessert stomachs, so after dinner, we all headed to Tsujiri for some matcha flavour goodies. Three of us went for a matcha sundae each. The others thought we were a little strange to be having ice cream on a late winter evening, but we weren’t alone as there were many other people buying ice cream from Tsujiri.

Matcha ice cream from Tsujiri

Here are our matcha sundaes. All three of them have sweet red bean paste and mini rice balls. There’s rice krispies on the bottom of two of them

This was my first time to Tsujiri, which is later discovered that it’s a pretty famous matcha store around Asia. Their matcha ice cream is the best I’ve had so far, it isn’t too sweet and the matcha flavour was strong but not overly powering that it’s bitter.

Are you a fan of Vietnamese cuisine?
Have you ever tried match favour dishes and what are your thoughts?

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  • krystal! it’s been so long ever since i visited (it was essencious back then. not sure if you still remember me, lol. i used to go by the name Alice B)

    all the food looks awesome! but i gotta say, the cake is the one that makes me drool haha. aside from the crazy fruits topping, a cake with fresh cream and almond like that is definitely one of my faves :’D


  • Pauline

    Wow, this looks so yummy! I hope Amy and you had a great time – it certainly looks like it from the photos! That matcha sundae LOOKS AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before but it looks divine!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I haven’t blogged on Essencious long while so decided to change to a new domain. Thanks for coming back and reading my blog again! Yes, I do remember!! was your blog back then right? I remember we had a conversation over Twitter on Skyforge.

    Cake with fresh cream and fruit is my favourite, I like that it’s light and fluffy unlike cakes with heavy icing.

  • yeap, that domain has died last year lol glad to see you’re back to blogging again 😀

  • When you’re next in London, you need to give Tsujiri a try especially if you like matcha or if you want to give matcha desserts a try.

  • These look amazing. Seems like you guys had fun. Now I am hungry XD. Gotta go visit the fridge <3 Take care <3

  • I love pho! And the one in your picture looks amazing. The cake also looks really good and the way you describe sounds really similar to Korean cake. I generally prefer Asian cakes because they’re a lot lighter than the Western ones. Also yum – matcha sundaes! I don’t think it is weird at all that you’re eating ice cream in the winter. Me and my sister go out and have cold desserts no matter the season, haha.

  • It’s probably very similar to Korean cake, light and fluffy. It also find that they aren’t as sweet as cakes from the supermarket.

    Cold desserts are for any season, and any time of the day 😉

  • I hope you found something yummy to snack on from your fridge 😛

  • Sureee did <3. yummmyyy