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Birthday at Dozo, Soho, London

February 14, 2017

Last November (2016), I attended a birthday dinner at Dozo, a fine dining sushi restaurant in sushi. I was surprised by Dozo and I think their marketing might be slightly misleading. They market themselves as a “fine dining” restaurant, therefore I expected high prices, amazing quality and taste, and outstanding presentation. What I received was just a tiny bit above average for a relatively average price. Despite the wrong first impression I wasn’t disappointed with the food and service for the price I paid at the end of the meal.

Dragon maki (jumbo prawn, avocado, tobiko, asparagus, ikura, eel sauce & mayonnaise)

£18.80 for this maki, but it was amazing! Definitely the best sushi from the selection we ordered.

Ebi tempura and soft shell crab maki rolls

Otoro maki (fatty tuna seared, tempura asparagus, dry shallot, ikura, black pepper & chive)

We ordered a main each along with a selection of different sushi to share. The portion sizes for the mains were pretty decent so we were all pretty full by the end the meal.

Oyako don (chicken with skitake mushrooms, carrot, onion & seasoned egg on rice)

House tonkatsu ramen (noodles in tonkatsu broth served with pork, nitamago egg)

The meal and company of the evening were really enjoyable. We had a great laugh and the restaurant staff didn’t seem to might that we were a bit loud. I’m not in a hurry to go back to Dozo but I will eat there again in the future.

We ended our meal with a Chinese fresh fruit and cream birthday cake for the birthday boy. These are my favourite type of cakes.

We bought this cake from one of the bakeries in Chinatown, it was super delicious and looks extremely pretty as well

If you’re ever bored of the cakes you buy from the supermarkets, give one of these cakes from the Chinese bakeries a try. They usually have a good selection every day so you won’t need to order in advance. If you go early enough, you might even be able to grab one of the slightly more interesting flavours like mango.

Do you like Japanese cuisine?
When you eat at a Japanese restaurant, what do you normally order?

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  • Oh, food again. It looks amazing <3

    Yeah, I added a chatbox because some of my visitors don't leave comments on my blog and before they used to send me emails. So I decided I should add one<3

  • I love sharing my experiences are different restaurants and showing photos of the food, you can expect a lot of that from this blog 😉

    A chatbox is a great way to interact with visitors, I miss seeing them around on blogs. Most people go to social media now.

  • i made a wrong decision of reading this post in the middle of the night because now i can feel myself drooling and feeling hungry…which is insane because i had soba for dinner and even if it’s not ramen, it’s still a noodle dish :’D

    the oyako don is looking so …. scrumptious! urgh. i’m so peanut butter and jelly :))


  • Sorry for making you hungry 😛 My next few post would be on food as well so be sure to check my blog just before lunch or dinner 😉

  • I love Japanese cuisine especially their ramen! That House Tonkatsu Ramen looks the most delicious of all the food I have seen in your blog post. Does it taste good as good as it looks? OMG the cake design looks perf and aside from that it looks healthy XD

    JeaniebeansPH Diary

  • The Tonkatsu ramen definitely tasted as good as it looked.

    The cake totally looks healthy right..I mean look at the amount of fruit there is, definitely part of your 5 a day 😉

  • Wow look at all that Japanese cuisine – especially the sushi! I tried Japanese ramen once and found that it was too salty for my taste. But maybe it was the particular restaurant I went to? haha

    The cake also looks really delicious! I like how they included a bunch of full sized grapes and large slices of fruit on the top, haha.

  • I’ve never really had anything but chinese. I’m surprised because I really really like noodles so it would probably be right up my alley.