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Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

June 3, 2015

One of the most beautiful places we visited in Vienna, Austria last summer, was the Schönbrunn Palace. It’s a former imperial summer residence and now one of the major attractions in Vienna. This is a must visit for attraction, palace and sightseeing lovers.

We got off at the Schönbrunn tube station, and almost everyone that got off at this stop was for the palace. We just followed everyone else, and walked about 5mins to the palace.

We went on an extremely sunny day with a beautiful blue sky and soft white clouds. This made the scenery even more stunning.

Photos were not allowed inside the palace but I wish I could have taken a few shots. It was absolutely amazing and grand inside. They gave us little audio handsets that we used to listen to for information on each of the rooms inside the palace. It took us around 1hr 30mins to tour around the rooms and listen to each of the rooms’ audio.


Human statues outside the palace gates


The front of the palace


The back of the palace


A view of the back garden


View of the Privy Garden


Side of the palace from the Privy Garden

We purchased our tickets at the door, but you can buy them online if you want to skip the queues. We went for the classic ticket (Adult 21€) which include access to all the parts of the palace and garden.

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  • Stunning photos and a lovely place to visit! Jealous of the weather!!

  • What a beautiful palace! I definitely want to visit one day!

  • It was super sunny the day we went. It was hot, but it wasn’t like unbearable hot

  • If you’re into palaces, it’s the place to go 😀

  • The Schönbrunn Palace looks amazing! I’m at awe seeing how this building have history dating back to the 1600’s! Whoever designed it has a great mind for design that’s even lasting to today. It’s pretty neat too since there’s a big garden and lots of rooms inside! The human statues are real people painted in silver, right? Sometimes, I am convinced that the art is amazing enough to look too realistic.

  • Cat

    Wow, the Privy Garden is beautiful! The palace looks huuuuuge. I like the color and architecture of it too. That’s too bad you weren’t able to take photos inside. I would have liked to see it!

  • Wow! Just wow! The palace looks huge and I think it also looks beautiful. I wish you could have gotten pictures from the inside.

  • Marie Antoinette certainly visited this palace with her family and you know all about her story, being the last queen of France and whatnot, though that’s a story for another day, but regardless, this palace is beautiful.