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A day trip to Salzburg from Vienna

June 19, 2015

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. We took a day trip to this city during our time in Austria last year. We caught a 2hr 30mins train from Vienna which we pre-booked before arriving at Vienna.

This city had a very different feel from Vienna and it felt more surreal and fairy tale like. This could be due to knowing that some of the scenes of Sound of Music were filmed here and and in the surrounding mountains.

We walked around this beautiful city, along the river, across the square and to the top of the famous Hohensalzburg castle.

The buildings along the main river of Salzburg were so colourful. It looks like a little town in a fairy tale.






Below is a view of the city from the Hohensalzburg castle at the top of the hill.


We came across this bridge with loads of love locks. Love lock (or love padlock) is a padlock which significant others lock to a bridge or fence. It’s a way to protect their love with their other half.


Salzburg is well worth the day trip and I know there’s direct train from other parts of Austria as well as the surrounding countries.

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  • i always envy people who live abroad, especially in western countries. i dislike going out as i’m a hardcore hermit but if i were to live in places with really good urbanian setup like this, i don’t mind taking a stroll around the city to take some snapshots. it’s why i wanna live in nyc to be honest, lol.

    anyway, beautiful pictures! 🙂

  • Salzburg looks so beautiful! I love how blue the water is in the river and that there’s actually water and it’s not empty (like how it is where I live). The color scheme of the buildings look so calm. I wonder how old these buildings are!

    The idea of the love lock is awesome! I was bummed out the other day when I heard that one of the cities is taking the locks down because it’s really heavy and making the fence fall down. Did you also put a lock in the fence? 😀

  • Pauline

    Photos look amazing, Salzburg looks absolutely breath taking – I hope you’ve been having a great time. The fence looks like the one in Paris! <3


  • Wow, Salzburg does look like a fairytale. I love your photos! 😀